Sponsoring groups and lead partners

    Project executing organisation and sponsors

    The project is a cooperation of two model projects:

    Model project „Kultursensible sexuelle Orientierung – Andrej ist anders und Selma liebt Sandra" (culturally sensible – Andrej is different and Selma loves Sandra) living in line with the state program "Demokratie leben!" ("Living Democracy"), supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Order, Family, Women and Senior Citizen.

    Project executing organisation is the registered society "Turkish Community in Baden-Württemberg" (Türkische Gemeinde in Baden-Württemberg e.V.)(TGB

    Logos des Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend und dem Bundesprogramm Demokratie leben!

    Model project "sexual and gender diversity - Andrej is different and Selma loves Sandra - a culturally sensible approach", supported by " Kommunalverband für Jugend und Soziales Baden-Württemberg – Dezernat Jugend – Landesjugendamt" (Municipal youth and social organisation Baden-Württemberg). Project executing organisation is the registered society Initiative Group Homosexuality Stuttgart (Initiativgruppe Homosexualität Stuttgart e.V. (ihs).

    For the project's execution TGBW and ihs cooperate with the gay-lesbian centre Weissenburg and other partners* from the fields of LSBTTIQ, intercultural work and youth work.

    Logo der Türkischen Gemeinde in Baden-Württemberg e.V.

    Türkische Gemeinde in Baden-Württemberg (TGBW) (Turkish community in Baden-Württemberg)

    Campaigns for inclusion, anti-discrimination and (further) education for people with migration background. The TGBW is a religiously and politically comprehensive umbrella organisation of registered societies with relations to Turkey.

    Initiativgruppe Homosexualität Stuttgart (ihs) (Initiative Group Homosexuality Stuttgart)

    Has been campaigning for eqality of lesbian and gay people in Stuttgart for 40 years and is approved responsible of the free youth work (of §75 SGB VIII.)


    Further cooperation partners*

    Weissenburg e.V. - Schwul-lesbisches Zentrum Stuttgart (registered society Weissenburg – gay-lesbian-centre Stuttgart)

    Netzwerk LSBTTIQ Baden-Württemberg (Network LSBTTIQ  Baden-Württemberg)

    Methodische Begleitung durch Prof. Dr. Mechthild Kiegelmann, PH Karlsruhe (methodical company by prof. Mechthild Kiegelmann, PH Karlsruhe)

    Re.act: Selbstverteidigung Stuttgart (Re.act: Self defense Stuttgart)


    Further LSBTTIQ, cultural and religious projects

    Projekt Schutz von Frauen und LSBTTIQ mit Fluchterfahrung, TGBW, Stuttgart (protection of women and LSBTTIQ with escape experience)

    PLUS - Psychologische Lesben- und Schwulenberatung Rhein-Neckar e.V. (registered society PLUS – psychological counselling for gay and lesbian people Rhein Neckar),  Mannheim: Projekt Vielfalt unterm Regenbogen (Mannheim: project diversity underneath the rainbow)

    Baraka - Treffpunkt für Homo- und Bisexuelle Kölnerinnen und Kölner (Baraka – meeting point for homo- and bisexual people in Cologne)

    GLADT e.V., Berlin

    LesMigraS, Berlin