Kultursensible sexuelle und geschlechtliche Vielfalt - “Andrej ist anders und Selma liebt Sandra“

Do you feel like you're not like your friends?

Do you have more feelings for people of your own gender than of a different one?

Do you think girls are as interesting as boys?

Do you feel uneasy or dysphoric in your body and would rather be a man, a woman or both?

Do you ask yourself, where to find answers to these questions, that also match your culture and religious believes?

Do you feel like you are not accepted in your environment, feel rejected or are even exposed to violence because you are "different"?

You are not alone: Many people ask themselves those questions. And often, to find the answers is most difficult for those who are from non-western, traditional or religious groups. 

We want to support you and all those who feel like you!

That's why we started our project "Andrej is different and Selma loves Sandra". 

If you need support yourself, you are welcome to search counseling.