General Information on the Project

With our project we want to improve the personal situation of LSBTTIQ youth and young adults with migration background and/or from traditional or religious environment. For those young people it often is a big challenge to come clear with their sexual orientation or gender identity and to live how they would like to.

Our project is transcultural and religiously sensible! Trans culture means that cultures are not homogenous or clearly circumscribable, but we can learn from each other. With our project we want to promote understanding and engagement with values, norms and functionality within and amongst different cultures and communities. Coming from there we want to think of and apply measures with which the living situation of young LSBTTIQ in greater Stuttgart can be improved.

Therefore we communicate with

  • LSBTTIQ youth and young adults from different cultures
  • Relatives of LSBTTIQ, representatives of migrant organisations, religious organisations and the LSBTTIQ community
  • Representatives of the local youth work, social science experts and organisations

You want to tell us about your experience? We would be happy if you contacted us!

The results we won with our project will be made available for youth work, counselling and the public. They will be used to develop and implement measures to support young LSBTTIQ, which we will also inform about on this website.